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A strip sign, folded down, and holding on strong!

The large-size smooth-back door sign.

Some of our choices for rear signs.

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About Our Signs

Two types of magnetic signs are offered for both the door and for rear warnings. Signs come in a variety of color choices and sizes. We also offer cling vinyl signs for placement in the window. New products will be added in coming months.

Standard Signs--Smooth on Back The signs that are smooth on the back are the standard .030 thickness. They are available in several different sizes for the door and the rear. We recommend smooth signs for vehicles that are smooth and free of ridges, molding, and strong curves. Many carriers are well satisfied with the the service of smooth signs. Please measure the space where you intend to place your sign and check to be sure that a magnet will hold on.

Our Speciality--Strips on Back Our unique flexible signs with magnetic strips on the back are custom fit the vehicle. The half-inch magnetic strips are twice as thick (.060) as the smooth signs. Horizontal strips of magnet are spaced evenly down the back of the sign. This design results in a flexible sign that will hold to your vehicle like no other. Most carriers find that these signs require replacement due to wear, as opposed to frequent loss. Customers regularly tell us they will never use a smooth sign again, once they have used one with the strips.

The custom fitting for these signs usually results in a sign with an "arm" that comes back over the space between the door handle and the window trim. The horizontal measurement of this arm varies from 4" to 10" and fits to a vertical measure for each vehicle. Carriers must provide the year, make, and model of the vehicle and indicate whether it is a two-door or four-door.

Occasionally a "custom-fit" sign remains an uncut rectangle, as on some especially large doors. In addition we can make signs to your own specifications.

Here's how you can order for now.

1. Telephone us 7 days a week until 10 pm. Evenings are a great time to call, but feel free to try during the day also. We'll take your phone order and then you can pay by mailing a check or money order, or by using PayPal.

2. If you know our products and you know what you would like to order you can e-mail us the order and pay with a check or money order, or by using PayPal. We'll be adding a shopping cart soon. For now, you may use PayPal. It's so easy! And it's free! PayPal allows you to pay with a credit card or you can securely connect for payment from a bank account. The credit card is just one option.
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If you would like to contact us, please write to signs@autotach.com

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